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When is the best time to get an evaluation for braces?
With children, there's a small window during jaw development to address crossbites or underbites. It's best to get a consultation when their 4 permanent teeth in the front and first molars have erupted.
When is the best time to get wisdom teeth removed?
If you need to have your wisdom teeth removed, due to spacing or other issues, the best time to remove them is when the roots are 2/3rds formed. It is typically ideal to remove wisdom teeth during the adolescent years as there are less complications and minimized risk of nerve damage close in proximity.
Why does my gum bleed when I floss or brush?
When plaque and bacteria that form naturally in the mouth are left along the gumline, your gums will become irritated and inflamed. This will cause swelling and bleeding, which allows the bacteria to go deeper into the gumline. Bleeding gums is an indication of swollen gums or gingivitis.
How does grinding affect the health of my teeth?
Grinding is a parafunctional habit that wears down the enamel and dentin layers of the teeth, which causes several issues, including a higher risk for cavities. With vigorous grinding, teeth can be worn down to the gumline. People who grind their teeth usually do it at night and have no instinctive reflex to stop. A night guard is usually prescribed to help prevent further damage to the teeth.
At what age should I take my toddler in to see a dentist?
The earlier you can bring your toddler to the dentist, the sooner they will become comfortable in the dental chair. Once primary teeth have erupted (from 6mos to 1 year old), they should get a lap exam. Early oral hygiene instructions and home care are important for early prevention for childhood cavities.
If baby teeth fall out, why do we need to get fillings or take care of cavities?
It's important to keep all the baby teeth in for space maintenance before they are ready to fall out and make room for permanent teeth. If early childhood cavities are present, the child will have higher risk for infection and space issues for the permanent teeth.
When do the baby teeth fall out? When do the permanent teeth come in?
Children usually have their first molar come in at 6 years of age. They start losing their front baby teeth around 6-7 years. The permanent teeth will continue to come in until age of 12-13. 
When does thumb sucking become damaging to adult teeth?
It's a common soothing method for children and if the child stops before the age of 4-5, there is usually no permanent damage.

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